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CLChecker is created to help people save their time. Instead of checking Craigslist few times a day, this tool will do it for you every hour and send you email once it found new matches. So far, this application only support for sale / wanted items only. If you have any suggestions / bug reports, feel free to contact me at info [at] clchecker.com.

:: History ::
03/13/14 - Utilizes proxies to check
03/10/14 - Add email validation for subscription
03/06/14 - Change algorithm to match Craigslist changes
01/06/14 - Added heavy equipments to the list, modified add URL manual page to be more compatible
11/18/13 - Fix result page and css
11/04/13 - Craigslist changed its html format, changed the algorithm to match it
09/20/13 - Craigslist changed its html format, changed the algorithm to match it
09/09/13 - Add more debugging feature on admin section
09/05/13 - Always lower case URL when checking against previously searched query
08/06/13 - Use grouping email to reduce the number of emails sent out
06/21/13 - Craigslist changed its html format, changed the algorithm to match it
05/08/13 - Update html parsing and member will now have their subscription level set correctly
05/02/13 - Member that subscribe will now get their account activated instantly
04/18/13 - Create IPN listener to log transaction
04/18/13 - Create test page so there is no need to debug manually
03/19/13 - Craigslist changed its html format, changed the algorithm to match it
03/13/13 - Craigslist changed its html format, changed the algorithm to match it
03/11/13 - Add restriction to renew when it has reached user quota checker limit
01/31/13 - Add ability to set end date for premium member in admin section
01/24/13 - Add ability to search user, glance over user's checkers and set premium member level in admin section
01/17/13 - Create active checkers limit for free member and tiered for premium member
01/11/13 - Increase restriction on search box to be 150 characters
10/16/12 - No longer use the city URL to extract from result since city URL can be different where it fetch the same result (ex. vancouver.craigslist.ca, vancouver.craigslist.com, vancouver.en.craigslist.ca)
09/27/12 - Craigslist changed its format again, need to use different way to extract the result, thanks to the user that reports it. Also added email detection count to warn if there are no emails sent out at a specified threshold number
08/17/12 - Change result extraction algorithm since Craigslist change their result formatting, thanks to the user that reports it
08/09/12 - Automatically send email with temporary password when enabling new premium user
06/19/12 - New subscription member is required to enter their email address being used on the site when subscribing, allow member to manage their account from the main page
04/10/12 - Fix issue in management control panel
02/09/12 - Update admin control panel for managing premium members, better error handling
12/20/11 - Update min/max price to support 9 digits
08/18/11 - Add new member area, increase performance on SQL connection to handle repetitive calling
08/17/11 - Increase page execution timeout
07/06/11 - Remove limitation so user can search and display everything in a category
05/25/11 - Add a new page for premium member so that it can manually add Craigslist URL. Fix a lot of bugs for getting the City name
04/12/11 - Update the drop down menu for a more current list as in Craigslist
04/05/11 - Remove limitation where you cannot add checker when query returned more than 100 results
09/24/10 - Fixed bug where Checker is deleted after 14 days regardless of user account type (premium account checker should never get deleted)
08/06/10 - Fixed bug where Craigslist change the <p> tag format
05/24/10 - Fixed issue for adding new city
04/12/10 - Fixed bug where the Craigslist changed the URL format in anchor tag. Thanks to the user that notify me about this error :)
09/10/09 - Fixed bug where the result is not cleared when checking the next entry that has no result or unable to extract URL.
12/29/08 - Change email message for the expiration time to be easier to read. Add feature for premium member to have a never expired checker. Better error email for debugging.
12/12/08 - Fixed bug where it will give an empty search result when the URL is a county such as seattle.craigslist.org/sno for snohomish county under seattle-tacoma craigslist site.
12/11/08 - First release to the public. It only took me 3 days to build this application so bear with me.

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